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Digital Transformation

Get StartedDigital TransformationKolony believes that true digital transformation starts at the infrastructure layer.

For a true digital transformation to take place in 2023, we must be thinking about our core infrastructure not as a cost center but as a business opportunity. Just as a revolution has been taking place in fintech, climate tech, and computing, the next frontier of digital transformation will come as businesses realize that leasing/renting your infrastructure is no longer necessary to meet the demands of a fast growing customer base.

With open source projects like Kubernetes, we're able to get a better understanding of how we can empower our technical teams with best-in-class tooling without locking into a hosting provider. In fact, we can now truly be bare-metal agnostic by leveraging Kubernetes to automate how we engage with our infrastructure directly.

How does Kolony help with your digital transformation?

Kolony is a Kubernetes managed service provider that focuses on solving business objectives through infrastructure automation. With our combined 40+ years of technical leadership, Kolony experts will guide you through managing your infrastructure as code and enable your developers to do what they do best, more often.

The steps we take at Kolony

  • First principles approach

    At Kolony, in order to advise you on your cloud strategy we have to have a deep understanding of all of the components that make up your stack. Those components are the building blocks of your digital strategy.

  • The technology should serve the business problem

    Your business problems shouldn't be constrained by your hosting provider and you should own your business's data without question. Our goal is for your business to be more successful because of technology, not in spite of it. That's why we'll never suggest a solution that doesn't fit the needs of your business.

  • Execute and Empower

    Kolony's expert team was built to execute at the speed that scaling businesses need to not break stride and miss their opportunity. By focusing on expertise, Kolony enables the rest of your development team to get back to what they love doing: writing software.

  • Monitoring and Support

    By fully understanding your infrastructure stack, Kolony puts a premium on the monitoring and performance of your Kubernetes clusters. This means that the feedback loop between your engineering staff and infrastructure will finally enable them to solve problems before you hear about them on social media.

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Ask a Kolony expert

The experts at Kolony are available for 30 minute consultations to answer any questions you have about k8s, running your own infrastructure, and what your strategy is for digital transformation.

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